Some new AMCHPR exhibits and maybe a mystery solved...

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Some new AMCHPR exhibits and maybe a mystery solved...

Post by AlbertaTime on 2013-01-19, 05:52

Yet another "cloth" or textured dial 9 jewel mechanical Zhongshan (probably mid 70s). Nothing spectacularly rare I'm sure, but I love these workhorse pieces and it's a dial pattern I didn't have.

This next watch is a later (likely 80s?) 17 jewel Meihualu (or "Spot/Sika deer) by Jilin watch factory. I bought it mainly because it came with the charming original paperwork seen in these photos. The paperwork also provides further evidence to show that brightly colored dials cannot safely be assumed to be recent redials but are instead quite consistent with later VCMs.

This next item is a MuDan (or Peony brand) built commemorative watch for the Longmen Grottoes which you can read about here at Wikipedia (simplified Chinese: 龙门石窟; traditional Chinese: 龍門石窟; pinyin: lóngmén shíkū; lit. Dragon's Gate Grottoes). Built in the MuDan factory in Luoyang, Henan province in China. The watch measures about 30mm wide not counting the crown.

...a photo of the Grottoes...

This last piece is a 1981/83 Chinese publication on automatic (zidong) watches (shoubiao) that I purchased because it had some info (none of which I can read past a few characters and the pretty pictures) of the late 60s Shanghai SS2 29 jewel movement. I leave all the translations in these photos (please) to those much more skilled than I.

WUS Chinese Mechanical Watches forum moderator Chascomm was looking for information on this movement in this thread Seeking info about Shanghai SS2 auto movement which contains photos of the movement, and questions about the auto winding mechanism, so maybe I've helped answer the question...or deepened the mystery ;-)


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Re: Some new AMCHPR exhibits and maybe a mystery solved...

Post by Mortuus on 2013-01-19, 08:55

Fascinating material, AT!

Take away the green square in that second watch, and you've got yourself a watch that would look at home on the wrist of anyone from the circa 1972 to 1975 timeframe...oh, and don't forget the big, thick and wide leather strap & faux sheepskin-lined corderoy jacket to go with it... Laughing Damn, where did I put my Eagles' Greatest Hits 8-track...?

All kidding aside, I'm looking forward to seeing all three of these watches in future WURW posts.



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