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Post by Mortuus on 2013-02-23, 00:47

He's baaaaaack!

Edoard 'Tro-Lo-Lo' Khil is back in the news, this time because his vocals appear in an ad for the new VW 'Bug' convertible. Which means he might win some sort of award for his efforts, past and present...Maybe a 'Tony'? Or a 'Grammy'? Perhaps a 'Goofy' might be the best award...?

Like most of the fans of his viral vocal videos, I find Khil very likable, irrespective of his inability to lip-sync his most famous of songs. Indeed, I can't help but respect someone who made it through the Soviet Union's darkest days, and still came away with his sense of humor intact. Unfortunately, the same thing can't be said about his once- melodious voice. Thank goodness we still have access to his signature tune by way of the internet. Like fine wine, the video gets better and better as time passes...

...stay thirsty, my friends. drunken


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