A Little Strap and Bracelet Swaping

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A Little Strap and Bracelet Swaping

Post by MAXg on 2013-05-04, 11:05

I had this old lizard skin strap from a long gone Omega languishing in my strap box since who knows when

and realized it might be the perfect strap to try on the Benrus Sea Lord I recently acquired in a generous karma so I gave it a try.

I think the strap really brings out the character of the Sea Lord and is even more fitting of the age of the design.

Now, what to do with the excellent original Spiedel Twist O Flex while I tried out the strap combination. I didnt want to just throw it in the strap box but as you can see, it was a little large on the Sea Lord for me

so the first order of the day was to size it. If you have ever sized one of these let me just say they recommend taking it to a Jeweler. Very Happy Found instructions on the ' net and an hour plus later the job was done. Not hard once you figure it out but nerve racking. It would be much easier a second time.

Now what to do with it. I found an old gold Seiko in my dresser that I bought at least 30 years ago. A tiny thing by todays standards that hasnt had a battery in it for at least 10 years. Dropped a 395 in it and away it went!!! I think they complement each other quite well

Amazing how a new strap or bracelet can change the appearance and even the soul of a watch.

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Re: A Little Strap and Bracelet Swaping

Post by eddiea on 2013-05-04, 12:01

Strap is better , no doubt...very nice Benrus!!

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