A NOS Seagull Makes Its Way to Casa de los Muertos

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A NOS Seagull Makes Its Way to Casa de los Muertos

Post by Mortuus on 2014-01-07, 20:50

To tell you the truth, I struggled a bit with where to place this post; do I put it into the Asian and Far East index or the Show Off Your Watches Old and New threads?  Hmmm...t'is not an easy ponderment.  Ultimately, since it's new to me and of 'new old stock' (NOS), I thought, 'what the hey,' and chose to park it here.

(Please note that the following photos were taken by the seller; as I told a buddy of mine yesterday, my little Nikon went 'breasts vertical' last week, so I'm forced to use everyone else's pix until I make my way to Costco for another little Nikon...oh, yeah, almost forgot:  you'll no doubt note that the watch is sans strap, which was how it came from the PRC.  I have taken an inexpensive cordovan leather strap that I mated with it, and it looks pretty cool - which means that I might just have to get an 18mm cordovan leather NATO/OTAN strap for it - but alas, since my camera has 'assumed room temperature,' you won't be able to see what a nice color match it is...unless you have Conjurer's runaway imagination, in which case you'll easily be able to picture the watch/strap combo in your minds.  And the knife-wielding heroin addict who wants to steal it.  And my wallet.  And my sack of fresh corn muffins.  But that's a story for another time... cyclops )

Here t'is:

A nice side shot...

A very nice backside...WOOF!

And a very nice set of innards...

A little closer on those innards...

And from the Watchmaker's perspective - note the '19 Zuan' and 'ST5' engraving amidst all them groovy swirls...

And with its clothes back on.

I've been looking to branch out into the world of Chinese Horology - over and above the Invictas, Stuhrlings and Adee Kayes I used to own - and pick up a vintage Seagull.  The fact that this one is NOS was just the Chinese icing on the Chinese Cake.  And in the 24 hours since I popped it out of its little tan envelope and wound it, it's stayed pretty doggoned accurate...at least so far as the digital clock in my den is concerned, which may not mean anything, since I live in San Diego County, where we have SDG&E, whose corporate motto ought to be, "Third World Service at a First World Price."

But, as usual, I digress.

This is truly a very attractive watch; the no-frills black dial really appeals to my minimalist aesthetic, and the flawless steel case and amazing bas relief caseback complete a very, very nice combination.  (I almost said package instead of combination, but I didn't want anyone to think about, you know, that kind of package.)  It even came in its original little plastic bag.  (I almost said sack, but...well, you know.)  The clean and ready-for-operation (not to mention, iconic) ST5 movement speaks for itself.  It says,


万岁 indeed...!

As always, many thanks for dropping by...it truly is much appreciated...  What a Face


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