Nautica100 Nautica NSR 100 & NMX 650

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Nautica100 Nautica NSR 100 & NMX 650

Post by Ocean on 2012-06-09, 09:34


I have seen some of these, I think it was at a Fossil outlet.

Nautica100 Nautica NSR 100 & NMX 650 Budget Friendly Diver Watches

When writing about less expensive watches I aim to ensure that budget options are fun and useful. Taking a host of design cues from both popular Swiss and Japanese dive watches, these two new collections from Nautica aren't too bad at prices which are likely to be under $300 each.

nsr100 41 Nautica NSR 100 & NMX 650 Budget Friendly Diver Watches

nautica nmx2 Nautica NSR 100 & NMX 650 Budget Friendly Diver Watches

What you are looking at is actually two different models. One is the Nautica NSR 100 and the other is the Nautica NMX 650. Both watch families comes in a range of colors, but the NSR 100 seems to have a few more options and is the less expensive of the two. The NSR 100 watches are 44mm wide in steel with plastic bezels. The crystals are mineral glass and they cases are water resistant to 100 meters. The NSR 100 is typified by a larger crown and bright colors (aside from the black version) with matching dials, bezels, and straps. The straps are actually silicone. I don't have a problem with silicone straps for the most part (aside from the fact that they get really dirty with ease), and you'll notice that people use them instead of polyurethane when wanting to offer a less expensive alternative to rubber. That's right, rubber is pricey people.

nautica nmx Nautica NSR 100 & NMX 650 Budget Friendly Diver Watches

The NSR 100 watches look like something Tag Heuer would release for kids. But these watches aren't kid-sized. With feeling that says "your first Tag Heuer Formula 1," the watches are actually pretty handsome with just enough details to be both interesting and classy. I suddenly need a lime green dive-style watch in my life. An easy to read dial and proper proportions on the dials will likely makes these hot sellers. I take it that color options such as pink, light blue, and purple suggest that these are unisex timepieces.

nautica100 2 Nautica NSR 100 & NMX 650 Budget Friendly Diver Watches

Inside the NSR 100 watches are Japanese quartz movements. Likewise in the NMX 650 watch range is a Japanese quartz movement - not sure if it is the same one. A bit high-end, the larger NMX 650 collection sports more water resistance and a design that is more Seiko/Citizen in nature. The NMX 650 is a pretty massive 50mm in width and has a steel case and rotating diver's bezel. It is water resistant to 200 meters. The whole package looks like a combo of the Seiko Tuna, Rolex Submariner, and the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Looks like... not IS like.

Nautica NMX 650 DIVER 03 Nautica NSR 100 & NMX 650 Budget Friendly Diver Watches

Looks like Nautica will offer the NMX 650 in serious colors such as blue, orange, and yellow. I hope they are also planning on something a bit more sober such as a black colored model as they did with the NSR 100. While there are some nice manly colors here, a lot of the NSR 100 and NMX 650 pieces look like Oprah Magazine chose the tones for them. The overall designs are pretty good, and the inexpensive prices will make them appealing as fashion pieces or beaters (or gifts). Prices for all of these should be from about $150 - $300 if my guess is correct.

See Nautica watches on eBay here.
See Nautica watches on Amazon here.


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Re: Nautica100 Nautica NSR 100 & NMX 650

Post by Mortuus on 2012-06-09, 15:17

Good read! I have owned a couple of Nautica watches, and they're usually pretty stylish, but these - especially that NMX 650 in blue - are really a step up for the 'sailing N.' What a Face


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