Quiz: Watches and Americana

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Quiz: Watches and Americana

Post by Ocean on 2012-07-06, 18:36

July 6, 2012 By Mark Bernardo 1 Comment

www.watchtime.com | quizzes wristwatch industry news | Quiz: Watches and Americana | july quiz 150 21Wrapping up our “Salute to America” week, we present a new quiz to test your knowledge of watches and the role they’ve played throughout American history and in American pop culture.

Answers: http://www.watchtime.com/wristwatch-industry-news/quiz-watches-americana/


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Re: Quiz: Watches and Americana

Post by Mortuus on 2012-07-07, 19:45

Oh man, I don't know nuthin'...
Question: what watch did John Cameron Swayze really wear?
[Scroll down for reveal]

Answer: I have noooo fwiggin' idea... No


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