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New Forum: Caveman's Watch Forum

Post by Mortuus on 2012-08-23, 00:41

From their Home Page: "The Caveman's Watch Forum 'went live' on 14 July 2012 @ 12:13:53 CST, and is still very much a Work In Progress. But make no mistake, our eventual aim is is [sic] nothing less than to be your One-Stop Forum for discussing Affordable Watches!"

From my very cursory exploration, it's pretty much as advertised: "...very much a Work In Progress." It's pretty easy to navigate, though the posts are a little difficult to follow and somewhat stilted. That's to be expected for a forum that's only about five weeks old, though, so I don't really hold that against them...not too much, anyhow. tongue

The show-stopper for me was/is the presence of watch ads (currently only Trintec Watches and Techne Instruments) at the bottom of each page I visited. We've all been there at one time or another, and no good ever seems to come of it...IMVHO.

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