WBOTD 9.17.12: Giuliano Mazzuoli

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WBOTD 9.17.12: Giuliano Mazzuoli

Post by mrneddles on 2012-09-17, 07:37

A little Italian flair for this Monday morning. The website for this higher end brand is written in Italian and poorly translated English. This is taken from the web:

Giuliano Mazzuoli was born in 1947 and has worked in his family firm since the 1970s. In September 2004, Mazzuoli released a new brand of watches called Manometro, which he designed off of a tire-pressure gauge. The brand has been increasingly popular ever since. Despite their Italian design, Manometro watches are Swiss-made. They are available in a left hand or right hand model in either polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, carbon fiber or 18kt rose gold.

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Re: WBOTD 9.17.12: Giuliano Mazzuoli

Post by Guest on 2012-09-18, 21:53

Apparently makes pens as well:


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