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Severin Wunderman

Post by Ocean on 2012-09-19, 09:05

Great article on one of the great innovators of the watch industry. From the Watch Press.

Severin Wunderman – An Exceptional Watch(Brand)Maker.
Posted by Sylvia McElherron on September 19th 2012

What would you like your legacy to be? That in your chosen industry you were successful? Or that in your lifetime you animated that industry with vibrancy and colour? Severin Wunderman achieved all of the above, and in doing so became one of the (the?) best Watchbrand Makers of our times.

He was, essentially a salesman, but he was also a visionary, who was an expert at finding a niche into which to put a quality product, at the right price. He was a patron of the Arts and an art collector from an early age, with a particular fondness for the works of Jean Cocteau, yet he was also a generous man and a lifelong philanthropist. Those familiar with the name Wunderman will, no doubt make the immediate connection with the Corum watch brand which he aquired in 2000, and indeed this is where he found an outlet for his skills of innovation and creativity, but even before his efficacious years at Corum, he had already had almost three decades in the watch industry, years during which Mr. Wunderman had created a new blueprint for the marketing of luxury designer-branded timepieces, which some of the more savvy individuals in our industry still use today.

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