Richmont will acquire Peter Millar LLC

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Richmont will acquire Peter Millar LLC

Post by Ocean on 2012-09-21, 09:16

News from Richmont site

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, CHICAGO, IL, and RALEIGH, NC – September 21, 2012 – Compagnie
Financière Richemont SA (“Richemont”) and Winona Capital Management LLC (“Winona Capital”) are
pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached whereby Richemont will acquire Peter Millar LLC
(“Peter Millar”), a US-based, international luxury apparel business, in a private transaction.
The acquisition by Richemont will position Peter Millar for its next stage of development and growth. “We are
incredibly fortunate to have partnered with Winona Capital. Together we have developed and built the Peter
Millar brand, expanded the product range, and grew sales and distribution,” said Scott Mahoney, Chief
Executive Officer of Peter Millar. “Now partnering with Richemont represents a wonderful opportunity for
Peter Millar to continue to build the brand globally under Richemont’s stewardship. We look forward to
working with Richemont and the association with their prestigious family of brands.”

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