Seiko Windward Chronograph SNA284

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Seiko Windward Chronograph SNA284

Post by mrneddles on 2012-10-05, 19:17

As a follow up to the NOS Seiko alarm chronograph previously reviewed, I also purchased this Windward series Seiko. A much newer model, it runs on the Seiko 7t62. This quartz movement is still in production on current models as best I can tell. Unfortunately, it cuts the watch down to 3 time knobs compared to the 5 time knobber.

40mm across East to West. Dial is a dark navy/grey color. Lots of fine detail and finishing with brushed and polished surfaces. Touches of gold plating. Intricate metal rope-like bracelet with dual deployant clasp.

Like the little finishing details and quality. The bracelet is very stiff and the individual links have very little play, hopefully this will loosen up with wear.

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