WBOTD 10.16.12: Clomm

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WBOTD 10.16.12: Clomm

Post by mrneddles on 2012-10-16, 12:08

I'm laughing at the size and outrageous prices of these! The advertisements have strong homosexual overtones to boot.

About Us

Clomm is a boutique watch brand established in 2011, specialized in creating minimalist and distinctive design with timeless appeal. The brand takes inspiration from the 12th century Anglo-Saxon word “Clomm” meaning "to grasp", reflecting the founders English roots. Clomm products are made from materials of premium quality, embracing design, engineering and craftsmanship. The philosophy of the brand has been very clear from the beginning- To combine minimalist design with uncompromised quality.

The Designer

Gary Fidele is the founder and creative director of the brand. As a product designer from the UK, Gary has worked across a wide range of disciplines, designing everything from furniture and household items, to surfboards and wetsuits for clients around the globe. In 2011, with his broad experience and the desire to develop unique products, he created his first timepiece collection "Terra Firma", which is now available on our website and at our selected retailers.

•Oversize 52mm IP Black SS Case
•Sapphire Crystal
•Swiss Movement
The collection is inspired by the Latin phrase “Terra Firma”, which translates as "on solid ground". The timepieces feature unique dials made from materials such as cork, wood and ceramics. Clean geometric forms of the case, hands and strap further add a contemporary touch to the collection. All of the components are of exceptional quality.

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Re: WBOTD 10.16.12: Clomm

Post by DBCooper on 2012-10-16, 14:11

Don't care for the watch or the pole smoker wearing it. Laughing


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