This Just In...YES, I'm Here AGAIN

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This Just In...YES, I'm Here AGAIN

Post by Mortuus on 2014-01-15, 23:53

I realize that I've probably been in these 'New Watch' threads a bit too much lately, and for that I should probably apologize to all of you...

The problem with that is that I just can't bring myself to feel at all bad.

And here's why:

Huh?  You want a closer look?

Okay, here you go:

It's called the "CITIZEN Jet Auto dater 35-Jewel Men's Dress Watch."  A long name to be sure, but poetic nonetheless; certainly "one to conjure with," as they've been known to occasionally say over in "Old Blighty."  It was, as many of you have read before in my posts, an 'impulse buy.'  Which is why they have the "Buy it Now" and "Make an Offer" features so prominently placed on so many of eBay's watch auctions.  This particular 'impulse' was inspired by the "Make an Offer" side of the house.

I won't bore you with how much it set me back, but I will offer a heartfelt piece of advice:  In making an offer under the aegis of "Make an Offer," do your best to be certain, on the outside chance that they actually accept your offer, that you actually have that amount in a state of relative liquidity.

Because, if you don't, you could find yourself tête à tête with a raging Mrs. Spitzer (or Mrs. Weiner) clone, demanding to know the exact amount you spent, and on what.

And saying, "But, honey, I paid in cash!" won't make it any better.  Just ask Messrs. Spitzer and Weiner.

At any rate, and all bad political jokes aside, this vintage Auto Dater pegged all my impulse meters, and there was no way I could resist it.  

Take a good look at the truly classic case back details above...

...and the utterly beautiful face below.

Seriously, how could any self-respecting would-be WIS turn his back on a beauty like that?  Still, as my mother was so quick to remind me, you should always look inside to make sure that what resides there is as beautiful as what's on the surface.

Sooo, here goes...

What?  You want to see it closer?

Well, okay... almost leaves me breathless, lo these many times I've looked at that wondrous 'ticker.'


So there you have it; my reason for showing my face yet again in this show-us-your-new-baby thread...

...full review and still more pictures will follow soon.

In the meantime, as always, thanks for dropping by and having a look...

 What a Face


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