WBOTD 7/11/2012 : Xicorr

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WBOTD 7/11/2012 : Xicorr

Post by Ocean on 2012-07-11, 07:58


The manufacture and the Xicorr brand has arisen from fascination with precise devices of everyday use made for time. We love souls of watches, their mechanisms, sound made by them and a useful beauty.

We plan productions of mechanical watches.

Designing and creating our watches above all we bear/keep in mind two features: the quality and usefulness.

The ambition of our company is so that the inscriptions: MADE IN POLAND and PRODUCED IN POLAND, being placed over the dial of watch, referred only to the watch as wholes but also to the greatest number of its constituent elements.

In successive models we will want to insert elements of watch case, shields, hands or laces delivered by our local partners or produced directly in our manufacture. Next goals will be developing the mechanism with own alterations. Creating completely own mechanism is our dream.

Delivering to our customers the watches of which usage will be give a lot of joy and satisfaction is our mission.

The Circle

price 1 199,00 zł order this model »
Xicorr Circle cb (black-white)
ref. no.: X0101-nnn

Sport watch for daily use.
High quality and usefulness.
Modern design.

model: Seagull TY2130 (automatic)
number of jewels (bearings): 26
frequency: 28 800 A/h
shock absorber: Novadiac
power reserve: ca. 42 hrs
black with superluminova (white on the day, light green in the night)
steinless steel 316L
diameter: 42 mm
high: 12 mm
water resistancy: 100m/10ATM
glass: sapphire

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Re: WBOTD 7/11/2012 : Xicorr

Post by mrneddles on 2012-07-11, 11:48

Interesting brand. Case reminds me of the Android Virtuoso Tungsten models.

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